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Appointments and Telehealth consultations

From Monday 27 April 2020, level 2 restrictions have been recommended for dental care and treatment. Unlike level 3 restrictions, some non-urgent dental treatment can be provided, enabling the resumption of many routine dental procedures. Telehealth consultations are available when required, but in the majority of cases, appointments can now be made in the practice. For after-hours emergencies please call the Australian Dental Association, (SA branch) emergency phone number (08) 82728367 or their website adasa.asn.au. Alternatively, if your child has sustained significant dental trauma or a facial swelling from a dental infection and is systemically unwell please contact the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

To utilise this service:  Follow these 2 steps

Step 1
Use the online Patient Information Form to send your photos and other necessary information.

Step 2
Call 08 8431 6162 to arrange an appointment at the practice or alternatively a 30-minute Telehealth consultation if required with you and your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral from my general dentist or medical practitioner?
No referral is needed for Adelaide Paediatric Dentistry.

Are you only accepting emergency consultations?
No, all parents are welcome to contact us.

Does my child have to be present during the Teleconsultation?
Yes, it is preferred.

How do I take the photos?
Taking photos of your child’s teeth using your mobile phone will not be easy and may not be possible.  However, any images will often be clearer than seeing your child’s teeth during the teleconsultation. If you are having problems, please contact our staff and they will try to assist you over the phone. View example of good photos.

Use good lighting during the daytime (go outside or next to a window) and choose an area where your child can lie down.

For your child’s upper teeth:
Have your child lying down with a small pillow under their shoulder blades with their head tilted back slightly and chin pointing upwards.

For your child’s lower teeth:
Have your child either lying down or sitting upright.

Good luck!